New City

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New City - UL


Chicago, Illinois


Stores & Restaurants


Centria / FWDS 2H #9917 Light Gray
Centria / FWDS 2H #971 Chromium Gray
Centria / FWDS 2H #181 Slate Gray
Centria / FWDS 3H #9917 Light Gray
Centria / FWDS 3H #9919 Fashion Gray
Centria / FWDS 3H #181 Slate Gray
Centria / FWDS 3H #971 Chromium Gray
Centria / FWDS DS60 #9919 Fashion Gray
Centria / FWDS DS60 #971 Chromium Gray
Centria Style-Rib Siding #971 Chromium Gray
Centria Style-Rib Ecoscreen #971 Chromium Gray

Total Square Foot:

60,774 Total Square Foot

Project Features:

This project is a mixed use development in the city of Chicago featuring several module sizes, thicknesses, and colors of Centria Formawall Dimension Series wall panels creating a mosaic effect. There is aslo profiled insulated wall panels (DS60), exposed fastener panels and perforated panels (style-Rib).

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