Promega Processing Center

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Promega Processing Center


Fitchburg, Wisconsin


Manufacturing, Warehouse, Labs


Centria / FWDS 2H x 24 #9955 Blue
Centria / FWDS 2H x 24 #9946 Silversmith
Centria / Versawall 2.75 x 36 #9946 Silversmith
Centria / Super-Rib Galvalume Plus
Centria / Econolap 3/4" #9946 Silversmith

Total Square Foot:

41,360 Total Square Foot

Project Features:

This project features Centria's Formawall Dimension Series panels in a running bond pattern on a curved wall on the office portion of this project. The warehouse features contrasting profiles of exposed fastened panels including Super-Rib running horizontally, and Eonolap 3/4" running vertically.

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